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"Dragon Century: The Origin of" combat experience to know the 10 o'clock

"Dragon Century: The Origin of" combat experience to know the ten-point: to play the 2 days of HARD difficulty DAO, beginning with the thieves, later changed to play the Master, I feel this game is very challenging ... fighting talk here Some say my experience, the right hand suffered when to English people or novice RPG suggestions it:

1. To keep in mind this game is the RPG, not the ACT! Space is to always press, and his teammates also want to switch at any time, do not operate a fantasy figure what to use to go places open up relations skills ...

2. DAO skills for each character, not much, with the very important battle shield to attack the enemy archers Master or taken away, the Master Control archers or BOSS These are the basic principles

3. Because there DAO determine the impact, the card position is very important, especially in the indoor ... two soldiers gatekeepers can often be more effective, sometimes not four individuals playing an enemy, close combat, then if all you will find several teammates be stopped ...

4. Narrow the angle for the individual operation, the situation can be observed widening of the distribution of his teammates

5. Careful trap! AI is very clever often lead you into traps, if you see an enemy to fight a few turned to run it must take care ....

6. To all the scope of magic will accidentally injure teammates! But do not dare to use, with a good range of magic words is often the key to reversing the situation of the war

7. Although the spell does not need to sleep and memory, but must remember the magic of energy can not you think so much! Strict budgeting skills each of your release (wash down medicine can solve some problems, but not entirely wash down medicine)

8. At the tactical setting with their own blood in less than 25% when the automatic wash down medicine, it makes you a lot ... not easy to not want to wash down medicine! Particular characters did not heal once the case ... do not fall over if the Chapter a success of a

9. Spells and bows and arrows are trajectories, and wood, stone, shrubs, and even terrain are likely to block your attacks, be careful of their stations

10. This game BOSS is not terrible, terrible thing is the 4 on the N of the field, you do not want to repeat again and again the words of dialogue, remember that before the war record ...

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Axis celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company

The global network video market leader Axis (Axis Communications) in 2009 celebrated its 25th anniversary. The company is headquartered in Sweden, in the field of online video experience and innovative solutions, has been working to promote the video surveillance from analog to digital conversion of video surveillance.

Create An idea of hearing persons born in 1984 in Lund, Sweden, a student dormitory, two students at the time (later became the founder of Axis) Martin Gren and Mikael Karlsson was born in considering the possibility of IT era. They soon discovered the print area is the fastest growing areas of intervention, so they decided to develop and sell new products. In fact, from the beginning, they will focus on the network. The company's first product is a print server, it is the IBM protocol converter upgrade, for the first time in the same building so that multiple users use the same printer as possible. In 1996, the two founders of germination of the cameras connected to the network of ideas, so Axis network cameras began to engage in research and development, development of the world's first network camera company.

Now, 25 years later, Axis has made progress in many areas. Axis president Mr. Lu Weipeng North Asia, said: "An initial hearing persons only two people from small companies to develop into Axis now in more than 20 countries and regions have set up branches, its network of cameras around the world installed capacity already exceeded 100 million units. Axis has been the "network" as the company's business model. On hearing disabilities by virtue of their experience has been, and global system integrators and distributors to establish a system of corporate loyalty, and has more than 20 branches and system integrators and distributors to establish a good relationship now and more than 24,000 homes have been partners in business networks. while Axis at Lund University is also a well known local company , R & D operations at its headquarters and most of the work completed at the university. "

Axis is a young and modern IT companies in the network video product development has been a leader, is currently in expansion. In 2008, the Axis in the new global recruited 150 new employees, and in Moscow, Beijing and Sao Paulo offices set up. Also includes megapixels, new technologies such as compression and intelligent product line also increased. Axis launched a new self-developed using H.264 compression standard ARTPEC-3 chip, ensuring the image quality can also store and send more information.

With its 25 years of product and partner network to establish extensive experience, Axis become market leader. According to IMS forecast in the next five years, online video will grow 35%, thereby Axis provides greater development space and more opportunities should be expected.

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JSF and Struts framework for error control and package handling

In the struts, the commonly used global error control mode is to build a baseAction, in its execute method, complete front operations to return method of dispatch by the try ... ... catch ... ... catch error, realize the error of the control and display. A typical BaseAction examples are:


public ActionForward execute (ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form,

HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) (

... ...

ActionForward forwardPage = null;

try (

String parameter = mapping.getParameter ();

if (parameter == null) (

String message = messages.getMessage ("dispatch.handler", mapping.getPath ());

response.sendError (500, message);

return null;


String name = processReqCode (request.getParameter (parameter));

forwardPage = dispatchMethod (mapping, form, request, response, name);

) Catch (BaseException ex) (

if (log.isDebugEnabled ())

log.debug ("Error:", ex);

forwardPage = processBaseException (request, mapping, ex);

) Catch (Throwable ex) (

log.error ("Error:", ex);

ActionMessages errors = new ActionMessages ();

ByteArrayOutputStream ostr = new ByteArrayOutputStream ();

ex.printStackTrace (new PrintStream (ostr));

errors.add ("org.apache.struts.action.GLOBAL_MESSAGE", new ActionMessage

(Ostr.toString ()));

saveErrors (request, errors);

forwardPage = mapping.findForward ("syserror");

output.setStatus ("fail");

output.setError (ex.getMessage ());


... ...


Used as JSF managed bean, JSP page directly by calling managed bean method in the completion of data exchange, not the same as the struts through the capture dispatch operation to complete throws exception error handling (because there is no dispatch method), seems to jsf do not support the global error handling.

If you throw in the managed bean in an exception (here AppException), look at the console log, we can see that the error is from an ActionListener implementations thrown (for myfaces, here is ActionListenerImpl), reference jsf lifecycle processes, methods out:


public class GlobalActionListener extends ActionListenerImpl (

public void processAction (ActionEvent event) throws AbortProcessingException (

FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance ();

Application application = facesContext.getApplication ();

ActionSource actionSource = (ActionSource) event.getComponent ();

MethodBinding methodBinding = actionSource.getAction ();

String fromAction = null; String outcome = null;

if (methodBinding! = null) (

fromAction = methodBinding.getExpressionString ();

try (

outcome = (String) methodBinding.invoke (facesContext, null);

) Catch (EvaluationException e) (

Throwable cause = e.getCause ();

if (cause! = null & & cause instanceof AppException) (

/ / It should be different according to the framework to determine whether an instance of the program throws the error manually

FacesUtils.addErrorMessage (event.getComponent (). GetClientId (facesContext),

cause.getMessage ());}

else (

throw (AbortProcessingException) cause;


) Catch (RuntimeException e) (

throw new FacesException ("Error calling action method of component with id" +

event.getComponent (). getClientId (facesContext), e);


NavigationHandler navigationHandler = application.getNavigationHandler ();

navigationHandler.handleNavigation (facesContext, fromAction, outcome);

/ / Render Response if needed

facesContext.renderResponse ();



Listener configuration, faces-config-application.xml:






This, developers need only managed bean inside the action and based on business needs based on Lei Xing Zhi Ding throw the Exception instance, You BaseAction and ActionListener Wancheng the wrong package, Chu Li, and transmits it gave Qiantai 杩涜 that reveals less developed code, improving maintainability of the framework.


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SCM eight core processes?

Successful supply chain management needs to change before we managed only a single process model, the need for a range of process management.

In many large companies, management experience and proven without first implementing the right business processes, they can not optimize the manufacturing process. A few experts believe that the use of the production process in the business supply chain management, the industry standard would not be uniform. The value of standardized business processes is to make supply chain management links all the company's managers can use a unified language and effective cooperation.

Implementation of the management, the eight core processes. The eight processes are: (1) customer relationship management, (2) Customer service management, (3) demand management, (4) order fulfillment, (5) manufacturing process management, (6) supplier relationship management, (7) product development and product commercialization, (8) Recovery Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management processes and how to develop and maintain customer relationship approach. Through this step, identification of key clients and management to customers and their business plans as part of the company. Purpose of their classification based on customer value, and by providing customers with specialized for different customers personalized service to enhance customer loyalty.

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Manager said the company's attitude to customers. This is a step in the customer relationship management products and services developed by the client group key step in the package. Customer service functions through contact such as manufacturing and logistics, to provide customers they want to know the date and product availability on the transport aspects of the real-time information. Customer service process also includes applications to help customers understand the product.

Demand Management

Customer demand management is a balanced demand and supply capabilities. In the right place by using the correct procedures, this management can have predictably match demand and supply and make plans more effectively. Must be noted that this process not only refers to prediction. It also includes coordination of supply and demand, increase flexibility, reduce volatility. Needs a good management system, using point of sale and understand key customer data to reduce uncertainty, and the whole supply chain should be effectively supported. It is also effective coordination of market demand and production planning.

Completed orders

Supply chain refers to the process not only issued orders for instruction, it also includes the definition of customer needs, design the network, minimizing distribution costs in the basis of a series of activities to meet customer demand. Its purpose is to build a company from a supplier to, and from companies of different clients seamless system.

Production process management

Production management, including production-related activities with the following acts: raw materials acquisition, production, management of production processes and supply chain of products shipped out of the factory. The purpose of this process is given time to produce the lowest possible cost of the product as much as possible. In order to achieve the desired production requirements, planning and implementation of supply chain participants on the need for cooperation.

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management process with suppliers about how to establish and maintain friendly relations. Can be understood from the literal meaning, a process similar to the process and customer relationship management. In short, supplier relationship management is to define and manage products and services package.

Product development and product commercialization

Supply chain management is about the process and customers and suppliers to develop products and bring products to market. Responsible for product design and business process and CRM team should be in the team process to identify customers and needs, should be and the SRM process team to select materials and suppliers, and production management team in the process of the market needs to develop new product technology.

Recovery Management

Recycling management process, including recycling and management, reverse logistics, gate control-related activities, including management of supply chain processes to avoid recovery. Due to implementation of the recovery management is not only to effectively manage product flow in the inferior, but also do not expect there to reduce the number of recycling products and to reuse the box and the like, such as the availability 寰幆 Products section of use. Effective recovery management is an important step in the supply chain management, allowing companies to achieve sustained competitiveness.

Eight steps of supply chain management have it every step of the strategic and operational - in other words, means the company has established strategic and strategic management of these steps, operability refers to the implementation of these steps the company . We will be marketing, sales, finance, production, procurement, logistics and research and development team composed of representatives of a cooperative by the team to achieve their strategic significance. The team primarily at the strategic level to design supply chain whether these processes and to monitor the implementation of their completion. The team also need to distinguish between strategic partners is to integrate the company's supply chain in the past. Operability of each process is the managers of each function in the specific actions taken.


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Yum 2007 "Ten key words"

In 2007, China's garment industry, a year of profound change. Fast Fashion brands are the past have come in the past should not have come, H & M, C & A, UNIQLO, NEXT you own a site in Shanghai, accounting for good, Zara has already opened first played at Beijing, Hangzhou shop. Venture capital and acquisition of the apparel industry in 2007, also surging, such as Kappa 100 million U.S. dollars to buy 2007 World Player of the Grand Slam winner Kaka portrait 100 years, the world-famous brand Pierre Cardin by SASAC. Many domestic brands are all listed, such as the good news Bird, Belle and so on. In addition, the new model is also a concern in 2007 words. Whether PPG, or ITAT, are all in subversion of tradition and competition in the market up again.

Changes in the apparel industry so for the apparel field of information technology has brought great opportunities and challenges, opportunities and competition along with changes in market structure, technology-based IT management is more apparel companies pay attention to, the challenge is that these markets changes brought more individual needs and areas.

As a local clothing company leading the field of information technology, Yum in 2007 to strengthen the research on the industry, ongoing communication with the industry to continuously innovate and improve products, enhance customer service quality, which continue to maintain strong growth, an increase of 100 Sheng-time highs. Yum inventory development in 2007, we summarized the 10 key words.

The first word is "innovation" During the year, Yum company not only dare to innovate in products in the market the same creativity. Invoicing in the early release BS365 apparel products, and that "a dollar a day, manage Invoicing" so loud slogans, launched to the popularity of low-end market turmoil. Mobile POS products in the industry rise to an upsurge of terminal information, 9, animal husbandry, has been the king and other enterprises to conduct mobile shop on-line system.

The second word is "e" for e-commerce in 2007, Network Marketing as the industry popular model, Yum been developed after extensive research system based on BSERP BtoC system that sets ERP, call center, online direct three major feature in one, for the direct sales model to provide complete network system support, can also be carried out for the traditional network of direct sales apparel company to provide systems support.

The third word is "Integrity" Integrity is the fundamental Yum company's development projects. Huang Fei, general manager of Yum asked all employees to the company not only the integrity of colleagues in good faith, but also to the customers integrity, honesty partners. And stressed that "good faith" is the most Yum core values on which the development will forever guide our work behavior.

The fourth word is "service" in 2007 is Yum "service to upgrade the" in whole years, Yum has done a lot in improving customer service improvements, have developed a "service manual Starlink body", "service personnel standards manual "and other management manual, and uniform across the country to promote the implementation of Star Alliance institutions. In addition to the system, Yum based platform also spared no effort and investment to establish a national call center, Internet service platform put into use one after another, these measures greatly improved customer service quality.

The fifth word is "cooperation" with multiple partners, Yum-depth market and technical cooperation with Motorola in technology, market, extensive cooperation, at the end of the world's leading information technology companies in Hong Kong garment manufacturers MSC cooperation, joint efforts RFID garment manufacturing production management system widely adopted.

The sixth word is "terminal" 2007 "won in the end," Yum retail terminal solution means a national tour exhibition in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing and other cities, access to the industry repercussions. A lot of media coverage the event. In 2008 also planning in Wuhan, Zhuzhou, Guiyang, Urumqi, Wenzhou, Shenyang, Jinan, 12 cities held "win in the end" market activities.

Seventh word for "image" released in 2007, Yum Yum VI visual identity manual, which was designed delay 8 months, repeatedly revise and perfect the project specifications and the promotion of the Yum brand image, for the establishment of ERP industry laid the foundation for a strong brand.

The eighth word is "qualified" Yum in 2007 to become director unit of China National Garment Association, becoming the first area of information approved by China National Garment Association ERP vendors, this is of great significance, marking the Yum 8 years focused on the apparel industry, has been the industry agree. During the year, Yum also have access to "national high-tech certification" and other honors.

Ninth word for "education" Yum College in 2007 after another and Dalian Polytechnic University, Shaanxi Institute of the Arts apparel partnership, Yum ERP experiments have established centers, and officially start the Talent Training Programme, training for the Chinese apparel industry high-quality and high capacity personnel.

Tenth word for "channel" Yum channels in 2007 extended to more concentrated urban apparel industry, now Yum has more than 50 cities in the satellite joint institutions, and through various training and support ways of stars Alliance can develop into a set of marketing and service in one branch, as Yum market into a powerful force.

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IM: Decisive Force's crowded

Currently, instant messaging has become the phone, fax, E-mail after one of the most important way of communication and exchange. Compared to more traditional means of communication, IM is no doubt in the communication, collaboration has a more convenient speed. However, inherent personal IM security, and poor management of many problems, making enterprises, government organizations and institutions such as the user sticks in the throat, thereby specifically for enterprise applications, enterprise instant messaging (EIM) demand is becoming strong.

According to statistics, in 2008 China's enterprise instant messaging market reached 22.36 million end-users, due to the global financial crisis, China's enterprise instant messaging market growth has slowed, relative to the full personal instant messaging and mobile instant messaging hot, Enterprise instant messaging is still going strong development.

Personalized personalized design configuration

Enterprise instant messaging products still in its infancy in China, whether Tencent's QQ, or Microsoft's MSN, Yahoo Messenger, to meet the business from the independent, free use of the demand point of view, these software are passive use for the enterprise. QQ's success lies in its people do not know the instant communication, when he "pager network" concept spread; MSN's growth is its strong entertainment purposes such software QQ under the present conditions, to provide an office relatively specialized for work use instant messaging software. However, with the use of QQ, MSN users increased, the further away from the needs of business users. How to avoid the use of IM at work of employees in private communication, instant messaging into the enterprise to become an important issue to be resolved? While most enterprise instant messaging software, has text, voice, video and other functions, also can file transfer and sharing, The software itself does not provide additional functionality to achieve the configuration of humanity?

Currently, businesses can have a good real-time communication system, as found a handy business secretary. However, the review of the current enterprise instant messaging market, the homogeneity of the instant messaging software abound, and enable enterprises to truly customize according to their own needs on demand, human development has very little real-time communication system.

Sectors of the business needs of a human custom, free to use rather than the passive use of the instant messaging system that allows companies to use to free from the passive configuration changes. Currently, there are already a small part of business needs software providers began to come to the front, they are trying to create a free and independent businesses, personalized configuration of the software environment. For example, King Abacus Software ( the timely availability and real-time Shangwutong "BIM", is the current situation in this market a natural product. The software for the user to create a free and independent, stable and secure instant messaging software environment. Not only provides users exchange text, voice communication and mobile phone text messaging, file transfer and other diversified information-sharing, while also providing powerful plug-ins, users can customize news, weather, stock inquiries, search engines, office software learning software and other services. The same time, focus on product features and details of the human design. For example: server remote monitoring capabilities, to reflect the IT managers of human care.

Leading the trend of SaaS applications

As a professional enterprise instant messaging IM services must reflect the individual significant differences in instant messaging products. In the enterprise instant messaging market, Tencent RTX, Microsoft LCS, IBM Sametime and other products account for most market share, but LCS, Sametime non-localized products, corporate instant messaging product associated with the overall business system solutions and high, dependent , which also makes its product prices and higher total cost of ownership, while three types of products dearly. In addition, the deployment of the implementation of complex and serious impact on the development of their products. Therefore, the future of enterprise instant messaging product is not a simple technical issue, but an application problem.

Today, SaaS-based enterprise instant messaging application product lead times. SaaS applications for its simple, personalized, cheap, professional features, a management software development. As a corporate office platform-based enterprise instant messaging is so simple to implement, to meet individual needs, cost-effective, professional office rental model real-time platform. At the same time, some software vendors started to pay attention to changes in consumer and intended to introduce some products at any time to adjust to new market conditions. For example: the above-mentioned gold abacus software company ( introduced the application of BIM is SaaS-based enterprise instant messaging tool, more promotional package for SMEs Internet services that integrate with existing business systems , enterprises are not required to pay network access and other computer hardware and the high cost of infrastructure, you can achieve regional office, cross-enterprise collaboration. The establishment of real-time collaborative work areas, to achieve the business collaboration without time and space. Striking is that BIM also features according to the enterprises themselves, create different dimensions of organizational structure; the same time a high degree of integration throughout the Golden Abacus e-commerce platform (, may be synergistic business management of the supply chain companies in the whole e-commerce platform ( in search of customers and suppliers of resources simultaneously saved in the BIM, the convenience of customers and suppliers with real-time business communication and improve the competitiveness of each product.

Platform development trend

With the accelerated development of the Internet, especially Internet applications this year for more in-depth development, enterprise IM platform functions as a more protruding. EIM new era not only has all the functions and features of personal IM, and more requests can be made available to enterprises in management, communication on the controllability, efficiency and flexibility, it is more than just chat and transfer files, but a communication service platform.

As a mature and comprehensive platform for enterprise instant messaging, instant messaging to reach a mature product quality, including the stability of large-scale use to support text, voice, video and other communication capabilities, with the IM platform features; and have a good platform of ideas and design, reflects the openness and good scalability characteristics, rich and standardized interfaces, and to open API interfaces. Such as gold abacus BIM will open a lot of interfaces, applications for the future connection of the various operational systems open the door.

Therefore, the future use of EIM as a unified enterprise business systems and unified messaging platform, the entrance portal will be a new concept.

In the market is huge, good industrial environment in China IM market, how to grasp the direction of investment, seize market opportunities, how to instant messaging in the enterprise market, grabbed the first cup of soup, all the software service provider is bound to one of the issues to consider .

From a competitive point of view, who can provide enterprises with the free independent, stable and secure instant messaging system, who can adopt new ideas, new model for enterprise instant messaging to provide personalized service, who is likely to become the winning enterprise instant messaging market persons.

From a market point of view, meet the needs of enterprise instant messaging software system, of course, is through the appropriate way to maximize the "liberation" business needs to meet the business needs on-demand and personalized products for the enterprise, the enterprise and efficiency of communication among staff, only then can we save business costs, provide efficiency. So integration is the instant messaging product development means necessary.

Of course, as more and more the appearance of instant messaging products and business heats up demand for instant messaging, enterprise instant messaging market will continue to develop ideas into products and services from a thoroughly experienced the baptism of the market from childishness to maturity. We believe that with the development of enterprise instant messaging technology, enterprise instant messaging system, users will also be changed using the previous model. The future, an open instant messaging system for the new office hub of the enterprise platform, with the popularization of network applications become a reality.

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IDS weaknesses and limitations (2)

1.2.5 Intrusion variant HTTP attack variant
Repeat the directory separator ,'/'' into'//''銆?br />The current directory, '/ cgi-bin/phf''into the' / cgi-bin/./phf''.
Parent directory, '/ cgi-bin/phf''into the' / cgi-bin/xxx/../phf''.
URL encoding, '/ cgi-bin /''becomes'% 2fcgi-bin /''.
Use TAB instead of spaces and other separators.
NULL method, 'GET% 00/cgi-bin/phf''.
GET outside use other methods such as POST.
Change the parameters of the order, add the unwanted parameters.
For IIS, there are the following:
DOS / Win under the directory separator, '/ winnt/system32/cmd.exe''into the' / winntsystem32cmd.exe''.
Case conversion, such as cmd.exe into CMD.EXE.
IIS second decoder, such as cmd.exe into% 2563md.exe,% 25 and then decoded to decode% 63''%'', as''c''.
UNICODE encoding, such as cmd.exe into the% c0% 63md.exe. UNICODE encoding more complex because there are very few NIDS can decode it. Telnet attack variant
Use the backspace key.
Using the Tab key for command padded.
Use Shell to execute attack code.
Using macros.
Add a useless argument.
In fact very difficult to detect those NIDS Telnet to connect to the server through the local after the attack.

1.2.6 TCP / IP protocol limitations
As TCP / IP design did not consider good security, so now IPV4 security is worrying, in addition to the above problems arising due to network structure, there are some limitations below. IP fragmentation
Packet fragmentation, some NIDS can not restructure IP fragmentation, or more than its capacity, you can bypass the NIDS.
A maximum of 8192 IP datagram fragmentation, NIDS performance parameters of a reorganization shall be able to slice the largest number of IP.
NIDS every IP received a new IP datagram fragmentation when the fragment will start a restructuring process, after the reorganization is complete, or timeout (typically 15 seconds of overtime) Close this restructuring process, NIDS performance parameters of a shall simultaneously restructuring the number of IP packets.
An IP datagram maximum 64K, as ready to receive a IP datagram, NIDS will be ready enough memory to accommodate the upcoming follow-up fragments, NIDS performance parameters of a reorganization shall be to the largest IP datagram .
Combining above three parameters, namely, in the time-out time NIDS (for example 15 seconds) while preparing for maximum internal energy (for example, 64K) The number of IP datagram reorganization.
If the NIDS received packets over the limit, NIDS have packet loss, which occurred DoS attacks. IP fragment overlap
IP packet fragmentation in the reorganization of the time, if met, then overlapping fragments, each operating system is not the same approach, for example, some systems will use the first received fragment (Windows and Solaris), some will be adopted after the closing to the slice (BSD and Linux), if the overlapping fragment of data is not the same thing, and NIDS approach is different with the protected host, it will lead to NIDS packet after the reorganization of the protected host and the packet is inconsistent, NIDS to bypass the detection.
For example, TCP or UDP can overlap the destination port, and then penetrate through most firewalls now, and may bypass the NIDS.
You can also overlap TCP flags, so that NIDS can not correctly detect the TCP FIN packet, so that NIDS soon to be able to simultaneously monitor the maximum number of TCP connections; to NIDS can not correctly detect TCP SYN packet, so that NIDS can not detect TCP connection due. TCP segmentation
If the NIDS can not be re-TCP stream, you can bypass the TCP segmentation to NIDS.
Some unusual TCP segmentation will confuse some of NIDS. TCP un-sync
Sent the wrong in the TCP sequence number, send the duplicate serial number, reverse the order to send such, it is possible to bypass the NIDS. OOB
Attacker to send OOB data is protected if the host application can handle OOB, as NIDS can not predict the protected buffer when the host received OOB data in the number of normal, they may bypass the NIDS.
Some systems, when dealing with OOB will be the beginning of a byte of data discarded (such as Linux, the Apache, but IIS is not), then by sending in more than one TCP segment, including options with OOB TCP segment, then NIDS may lead to the data stream after the reorganization of the host and the protected application is inconsistent, and thus bypass the NIDS. T / TCP
If the destination host can handle things TCP (currently very few systems support), an attacker can send transaction TCP, NIDS may not be protected with the host application on the same treatment, which may bypass the NIDS.

1.3 Resource and capacity constraints

The DoS attack against the NIDS 1.3.1. the impact of high flow
Attacker to the protected network to send large amounts of data, more than NIDS processing power is limited, the situation of packet loss will occur, which may lead to acts of omission of the invasion.
NIDS network packet capture capabilities associated with a number of factors. For example, 1500 bytes in each packet case, NIDS will be over 100MB / s of processing power, even to more than 500MB / s of processing power, but if only 50 bytes per packet, 100MB / s of traffic means that 2 million package / s, most of which will exceed the current handling capacity of cards and switches. IP fragmentation attacks
Attacker to the protected network to send a large number of IP fragments (such as TARGA3 attacks), more than NIDS IP fragments can be simultaneously restructuring capacity, leading technology through IP fragmentation attacks omitted. TCP Connect Flooding
Attacker to create or simulate a large number of TCP connections (described by the above method of IP fragment overlap), while more than NIDS to monitor the maximum number of TCP connections, resulting in unnecessary TCP connection can not be monitored. Alert Flooding
Attacker can detect the light of the rules posted on the network, while the attack would deliberately send a large number of alarm caused by NIDS data (such as stick attack), may exceed the speed NIDS to send alarm, resulting in omission, and to network received a large number of alarm, it is difficult to distinguish real attacks.
If you send 100 bytes can generate an alarm, you can generate per second through dial-up 50 police, 10M LAN can produce 10 thousand per second alarm. Log Flooding
The attacker will send large amounts of data caused by NIDS alarms and eventually led to the space NIDS to be depleted Log, Log to delete the previous record.

1.3.2 RAM and hard drive limit
If the NIDS to improving the ability to process the IP fragments and TCP connection monitoring capabilities restructuring, which will require more memory to do the buffer, if the NIDS's memory allocation and management is not good, will the system cost a lot of exceptional circumstances memory, if the start using virtual memory, it will shake the memory may occur.
Hard drive speed is usually far less than the speed of the network, if the alarm system to produce a large number of records to the hard drive, will cost enormous amounts of system capacity, if the system records the original network data, save a large and high-speed network data will require expensive large-capacity RAID.

1.4 NIDS related to the vulnerability of the system
NIDS itself should have very high security, generally used for monitoring the network cards are not IP addresses, and other card will not open any ports. However, associated with the NIDS system may be attacked.

1.4.1 Console host of security vulnerabilities
Some systems have a separate console, if the attacker can control the console to the host computer, you can control the entire NIDS system.

1.4.2 Sensor and the vulnerability of the console communication
If the communication between sensors and the console may be attacked by a successful attack, will affect the normal use of the system. Such as conducting ARP deception or SYN_Flooding.
If the communication between sensors and console explicit communication or simply use encryption, you may be subject to IP spoofing or replay attacks.

1.4.3 and the system alarm and other equipment related to the vulnerability of communications
If an attacker can successfully attack the system alarm and other related equipment, such as mail servers and so on, will affect the alarm message is sent.

2 HIDS weaknesses and limitations

2.1 Resource constraints
As HIDS installed on protected hosts, so the resources can not be too much occupied, thus limiting the detection method used and the processing performance.

2.2 operating system limitations
Unlike NIDS, manufacturers can customize their own operating system, a sufficient security to ensure their own security NIDS, HIDS where the security of the host operating system under its security restrictions, if the host system is compromised, HIDS will soon be cleared. If the HIDS as stand-alone, it is basically not successful attack can only be detected if the HIDS for the sensor / control panel structure, will be faced with the same NIDS attack on the related systems.
Some HIDS will consider increasing the security of the operating system itself (such as LIDS).

2.3 System log limit
HIDS will monitor the system log to discover through the suspicious behavior, but some procedures are not sufficiently detailed system logs, or no logs. Some of the invasion would not in itself be a system log of the proceedings recorded.
If the system does not install third-party logging system, the system's own log system will soon be intruders or modified, and intrusion detection systems typically do not support third-party logging systems.
If there is no real-time inspection system HIDS log, then use automated tools to attack will be entirely possible to complete the inspection interval and clear of all the attack works in the system log traces.

2.4 The core of the system was modified to fool the paper check
If an intruder to modify the system core, you can fool a tool based on file consistency check. It's like the beginning of certain viruses, when they think that by the time of inspection or to track the original documents or data will be available to the inspection tool or tracking tool.

Detection limit of 2.5 Network
Some HIDS can check the network status, but will face many problems facing the NIDS.


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