Saturday, September 25, 2010

SCM eight core processes?

Successful supply chain management needs to change before we managed only a single process model, the need for a range of process management.

In many large companies, management experience and proven without first implementing the right business processes, they can not optimize the manufacturing process. A few experts believe that the use of the production process in the business supply chain management, the industry standard would not be uniform. The value of standardized business processes is to make supply chain management links all the company's managers can use a unified language and effective cooperation.

Implementation of the management, the eight core processes. The eight processes are: (1) customer relationship management, (2) Customer service management, (3) demand management, (4) order fulfillment, (5) manufacturing process management, (6) supplier relationship management, (7) product development and product commercialization, (8) Recovery Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management processes and how to develop and maintain customer relationship approach. Through this step, identification of key clients and management to customers and their business plans as part of the company. Purpose of their classification based on customer value, and by providing customers with specialized for different customers personalized service to enhance customer loyalty.

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Manager said the company's attitude to customers. This is a step in the customer relationship management products and services developed by the client group key step in the package. Customer service functions through contact such as manufacturing and logistics, to provide customers they want to know the date and product availability on the transport aspects of the real-time information. Customer service process also includes applications to help customers understand the product.

Demand Management

Customer demand management is a balanced demand and supply capabilities. In the right place by using the correct procedures, this management can have predictably match demand and supply and make plans more effectively. Must be noted that this process not only refers to prediction. It also includes coordination of supply and demand, increase flexibility, reduce volatility. Needs a good management system, using point of sale and understand key customer data to reduce uncertainty, and the whole supply chain should be effectively supported. It is also effective coordination of market demand and production planning.

Completed orders

Supply chain refers to the process not only issued orders for instruction, it also includes the definition of customer needs, design the network, minimizing distribution costs in the basis of a series of activities to meet customer demand. Its purpose is to build a company from a supplier to, and from companies of different clients seamless system.

Production process management

Production management, including production-related activities with the following acts: raw materials acquisition, production, management of production processes and supply chain of products shipped out of the factory. The purpose of this process is given time to produce the lowest possible cost of the product as much as possible. In order to achieve the desired production requirements, planning and implementation of supply chain participants on the need for cooperation.

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management process with suppliers about how to establish and maintain friendly relations. Can be understood from the literal meaning, a process similar to the process and customer relationship management. In short, supplier relationship management is to define and manage products and services package.

Product development and product commercialization

Supply chain management is about the process and customers and suppliers to develop products and bring products to market. Responsible for product design and business process and CRM team should be in the team process to identify customers and needs, should be and the SRM process team to select materials and suppliers, and production management team in the process of the market needs to develop new product technology.

Recovery Management

Recycling management process, including recycling and management, reverse logistics, gate control-related activities, including management of supply chain processes to avoid recovery. Due to implementation of the recovery management is not only to effectively manage product flow in the inferior, but also do not expect there to reduce the number of recycling products and to reuse the box and the like, such as the availability 寰幆 Products section of use. Effective recovery management is an important step in the supply chain management, allowing companies to achieve sustained competitiveness.

Eight steps of supply chain management have it every step of the strategic and operational - in other words, means the company has established strategic and strategic management of these steps, operability refers to the implementation of these steps the company . We will be marketing, sales, finance, production, procurement, logistics and research and development team composed of representatives of a cooperative by the team to achieve their strategic significance. The team primarily at the strategic level to design supply chain whether these processes and to monitor the implementation of their completion. The team also need to distinguish between strategic partners is to integrate the company's supply chain in the past. Operability of each process is the managers of each function in the specific actions taken.


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